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1/10 Pan Car Foam Tires

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1/10 Dirt Oval Foam Tires

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Product Name Model Price  
#18, #20 or #22 Front Springs (1/10 Scale) (5 pair same rate)182022 Springs$8.00
1-5 rubber tires Compound (PURPLE) (160mm)1-5 Dirt Oval Tires$56.00
1-8 In Line Axles (Pair)180-180$8.95
1-8 In-Line Axle Kit180-181$10.95
1.10" Shock Springs - 1pair each rate (26 springs)ET-L-26-KIT$26.00
1/10 1.10" Shock Spring Singles - 1pairET-Single-110$3.25
1/10 1.35" shock spring YELLOW 14 lb135-14$3.25
1/10 1.35" Shock Springs "HEAVY WEIGHTS" (5 pair)ET-H-10KIT$11.00
1/10 1.35" Shock Springs - 1 each rate (11 springs)ET-L-11-KIT$12.00
1/10 1.35" Shock Springs - 1pair any rate (2 springs)ET-Single$3.25
1/10 1.35" Shock Springs - 1pair each rate (22 springs)ET-L-22-KIT$22.00
1/10 1.80" Shock Springs (single pair)1.80 Single$3.25
1/10 1.80" Shock Springs - 1pair each rate (18 springs)LONG-KIT$17.95
1/10 Aluminum Rear Hubs (ea)a30-304$10.95
1/10 Front Pre-Mounted Dirt-Oval Rubber Tires1-10 Front Rubber DO$20.00
1/10 Front Premounted Rubber Tires (Belted)1-10 Front Rubber DO (Bel$20.00
1/10 OR 1/12 Graphite Axles2103$12.95
1/10 RC4LESS DIRT OVAL FOAMS "FRONTS" (pair)D25F$18.00
1/10 RC4LESS DIRT OVAL FOAMS "REARS" (pair)D25R$19.00
1/10 RC4LESS Dirt Oval FRONT SPEC TIRES (pair)DIRT-SPEC$19.00
1/10 RC4LESS Dirt Oval Wheels (front or rear) pairbDOW-F/R$5.95
1/10 RC4LESS REAR Dirt Oval SPEC FOAMS (pair)DIRT-SPEC R$20.00
1/10 Rear Pre-Mounted Dirt-Oval Rubber Tires1-10 Rear Rubber DO$22.50
1/10 Rear Premounted Rubber Tires (Belted)1/10 Premount$22.50
1/12 RC4Less FRONT Tires - Natural Rubber (pair)aR35F-12$9.00
1/12 RC4Less REAR Tires - Natural Rubber (pair)R35R-12$10.50
1/12 Scale Hub Set (pair)aHUBS12$16.95
1/12 Scale Hubs (Diff or Clamping)Hub12$10.95
1/4 Scale Shock Spring Kit (13 pairs)1-4 KIT$48.95
1/4" ID Shims (25 pcs)25-010$5.00
1/5th rubber tires (160mm) (BLACK)1-5 Dirt Oval Tires$56.00
1/8 LOSI8 Spring Kit "FOAM TIRE FIRM KIT" (1 pr ea 7 rates)ET-LOSI-1.75"$24.95
1/8 LOSI8 Spring Kit "LOOSE TRACK SOFT"(1 pr ea 7 rates)ET-LOSI-2.0"$24.95
1/8 OFNA Shock Spring Kit (9 pair)OFNA-KIT$29.95
1/8 REVO "FOAM TIRE - FIRM" KIT (1 pr ea rate 16 springs)ET-1/8-KIT$24.95
1/8" ID Shims (25 pcs)25010$5.00
1/8, 3/32 or 5/64 Ceramic Diff Balls (12 Pack)DIFF-C$9.00
1/8th Mounted Foam Tires (pair)1/8-F/R$29.95
3 Aluminum Hub SetaHUBS$29.95
3/16" ID Brass Shims (25 pcs)1875-015$5.00
4/40 Nylon Cap Screws (HEX) 25 pack180-GH-25$4.00
5/40 Aluminum Lock Nuts (25 pcs)540LN$5.95
ABEC Grade 5 STEEL Bearings (pair)FR168ZZ$3.00
Aluminum Diff Centering Cone180-2512$2.00
Associated L4 Upper Suspension Mounts4561$4.75
Associated Large Shock Pistons (12 pcs)6465$3.00
Ball Studs (4 pcs) choose from 3 Lengths180-357$5.95
Brushless Motor Ceramic Bearing Kit (pair)R3ZZC$10.00
Carbide trim Stick (FINE)CTTTF-1$32.95
Ceramic Bearing Set for Losi 1/18th Scale (8 bearings)18LM$32.00
Ceramic Bearings (pair)FR156ZZC$8.00
Donut Mounting Instructions!GLUE$0.00
F-1 Arbor1122$24.95
GFRP Delrin Rear Bulkheada1012$39.99
Hobby Shops that sell RC4LESS Products1$0.00
HPS2 Replacement E-Clips & Set ScrewsSC423$4.49
HPS2 Replacement Shock BladdersSC428$4.99
HPS2 Replacement Shock O-Rings (10)SC425$5.49
HPS2 Replacement Shock Shaft w/PistonSC421$5.98
IRS Lower Suspension Arm Kit (fits 1/10 & 1/12)IRS 4221$7.95
IRS Macro Shock Replacement Bladder (each)IRS4068$1.00
IRS Macro Shock Replacement Threaded shock cap4062$5.25
Kimbrough Products 32 Pitch Spur Gears115$4.25
Kimbrough Products 64 Pitch Spur Gears199$4.25
Kimbrough Products Servo Saver "SMALL"113-114-131$5.00
Kimbrough Products Servo Savers "LARGE HEAVY DUTY"124$7.50
Kimbrough Products Servo Savers "LARGE"123$7.50
Kimbrough Products Servo Savers "MID-SIZE"201$6.50
Kipps Hobbies 6" x 6" Sprint Car WingK1016$23.95
Kipps Hobbies 6" x 6" Sprint Car WingK1016$23.95
Long King Pin 0.075" spacers (10 pcs)180-075$3.00
Long King Pin Kit (pair) pick your length180-500KIT$5.95
Long King Pins (1 pair) Pick your length180-375$3.00
Max Mod Adapter for Custom Works DOMINATOR20-008$21.95
MICO FINE cutting bit for Hudy, OFNA, Integy type truersSERCC51$33.00
Motor Springs: Red or Greeen (overhead or standard) 10 pairSPRINGS$5.00
NON-FLANGED Ceramic Bearings (including metric) - (pairs)R126ZZC$8.00
Raceway Mfg. Pivot Ball ToolRWM-205$12.95
RC4LESS 1/10 Bi-Rate Spring Set (5 Pair Same Rate)ET-FB-5pr$9.00
RC4LESS 1/10 Bi-Rate Spring Set (5 Pair)ET-FB-KIT$7.00
RC4LESS 1/10 Pan Car Front or Rear Wheels (pr)9060$4.95
RC4LESS 1/10 Pan Car Rear Foam Tires (Pair)R35-F$11.00
RC4LESS 1/10 Progressive Rate Spring Set (5 Pair Same Rate)ET-FP-5pr$9.00
RC4LESS 1/10 Progressive Rate Spring Set (5 Pair)ET-FP-KIT$7.00
RC4LESS 1/10 Standard Rate Spring Set (5 Pair Same Rate)ET-FS-5pr$9.00
RC4LESS 1/10 Standard Rate Spring Set (5 Pair)ET-FS-KIT$7.00
RC4LESS 1/12 Standard Rate Spring Set (5 Pair)ET-12-KIT$7.00
RC4LESS 1/8 Rubber Tires (pr)1/8 Rubber Tires$25.95
RC4LESS Body Savers (8 pack)60-175$4.95
RC4LESS GOLD (30) FRONT Truck Donuts (pair)RC410T4$10.00
RC4LESS Medium RR 1/4 Scale TIre (Yellow Dot)1/4 Right Rear$48.40
RC4LESS Soft Left F/R 1/4 Scale Tire (White Dot)LR or LF 1/4 Scale$48.40
RC4LESS Spring Centering Cups (Large or Small) 12 pcs180-120$3.50
RC4LESS VCS & 1/18th Shock Spring Set (10 pair)ET-S-20KIT$19.25
RC4LESS VCS & 1/18th Shock Springs (1 pair)ET-S-Single$3.00
RC4LESS XX Hard RF 1/4 Scale Tire (Red Dot)XX Hard RF$48.40
SILVER Compound Truck Donuts (pair)CRC-0012$10.00
Spring Post Wrench for stock or mod motors7101$8.49
Standup or Laydown Brushes "Pick your brand" - (1 pair)Brushes1$0.50
Steel Motor Bearing (pair)R2ZZ$3.00
Stick ET Foam Traction Compound - In StockB-3000$10.00
T2C Black Mamba "T" Nuts for Assoc R5 Lower arm (4 pcs)BM1005$6.49
T2C Black Mamba Delrin Upper Arms w/Hinge Pins (pair)BM1004$22.99
T2C Black Mamba Front Bulkheads (pair)BM1008$17.95
T2C Black Mamba Front Caster Blocks (pair)BM1006$25.95
T2C Black Mamba King Pin Clickers (4 pcs)BM1007$9.99
T2C Black Mamba Ultimate Front End KitBM1000$89.95
Teflon Coated Front Pivot Balls (4 pcs)180-142$18.00
Teflon Coated T-Plate Pivot Balls (2 pcs)180-141$9.00
Touring Car Rubber TiresGQ-TT$10.50
Touring HEX Arbor (In Stock)a20903$19.95
Typical 1/10 Scale Rear Grooving Pattern1/10 Pattern$1,000.00
Typical 1/8 Scale Grooving PatternTypical$0.00
Wheel for Assoc Trucks (pr)C1013c$5.95
World GT foam tires (Rear)WGT-R$13.00
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07.1/8, 3/32 or 5/64 Ceramic Diff Balls (12 Pack)
08.1/10 1.35" Shock Springs - 1pair any rate (2 springs)
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